klee wine poster various options…


6 thoughts on “klee wine poster various options…

  1. I like your series, its very striking and demanding. I’m not sure how inclined I am to want to drink wine after seeing the image but I really love the smashed bottle picture. The angle is so surprising its almost unsettling.

  2. I really like this series of Punt Road posters, espeically the ones that reveal the lighting setup. Showing the roughness, the dirtiness and the ugliness behind quite stylised, commerical photography such as wine photography, is such an inspired idea. My favourite is the third one down, the single light, the really dirty floor and the lonely winebottle sitting on its creased tablecloth – perfect!

  3. This is great Kathleen, did you come up with the phrase before the image concept, and daym thats a convenient break. So perfect.

  4. Grungy! It’s a poignant observation on the nature of studio lighting. In the second two every thing around the bottle is so dirty – yet the bottle basks in the light. Not sure how effective they would be in selling wine though.
    The First photo is the really striking, the slant, the perfect smash and the simple typography all work perfectly together in gaining the eye’s attention. WIN.

  5. Perhaps more interesting as a Brechtian photo essay on advertising than as actual ways to shift units of alcohol, but I really like the composition and design of the first photo (broken bottle) especially. All I can do is repeat the obvious, great stuff.

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