Punt Road Wine

Really didn’t turn out all that exciting. But its ok – I thought of a new idea!

Other variations on my blog: http://redrubyanne.wordpress.com/


4 thoughts on “Punt Road Wine

  1. I think this is an interting use of the photograph with the type. I like the different levels of win in the glasses but for the range can you do an altrnate in red or combine?

  2. i also think its interting, different levels of liquid is great but the lower glasses dont have enough density, makes the wine look a little week. otherwise i think its totally pro

  3. Oh, you guys! Interting was actually what I was going for, so glad that came across!
    Lynette I’m concerned red would be too opaque and hide the text, I guess I could dilute it? Alternatively could use bubbly from the Arlie line?
    And Roderick, its funny I didn’t notice the top glasses are darker. They were all shot in the same conditions so I think it was an editing error I could fix.

  4. I don’t mind the other design with the bottom row of glasses upside down. Using only the white wine in the shot is fine. I guess the idea could be extended to use red wine but you wouldn’t of got the freshest in the shot. On a technical note I think that you could of gone lighter with the glasses as they are looking a bit grey still.

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