Week 8 – Wine Photography – Punt Road

Above is my Punt Road Wine Shoot with Graphic Design and Post Production.

To See the Before and After Shots please check them out on my page: http://bradleyandrew.wordpress.com/


6 thoughts on “Week 8 – Wine Photography – Punt Road

  1. I really like the feel of this image. The use of props and dof are very good. My only concern is the reflector behind the bottle is not covering the whole area which spoils the overall effect. Still for the amount of time that we have for photography this is very good,

  2. Wow brad this turned out amazing. you’ve used the blurring technique really well, especially with the fake tilt shift look on the bottle. The cropping draws attention to the name of the wine and the out of focus droplets in the background make use of the negative space. I agree that the gold relector in the back wasn’t quite right. Annoying that we didn’t have more time to fix it. Excellent image all round.

  3. I really like where you were going with this image & I think the final out one is quite effective however, I think you’ve bushes the blur just a little too much. From what I saw in class the wine splashing from the glass was looking really great, the blur/softness hides the full effect of it.

  4. top effort! looks really professional.

    the only criticism being that it looks a tad like an add for champagne/sparkling wine.

    reminds me of the yellowglen advertisements a few years back.

    very well done though

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