w6-Object shot with props

cant pick the final one..

more pics available through the link below.



3 thoughts on “w6-Object shot with props

  1. I particularly like this one, I think it’s composition is stronger then the others you posted on your site. It has a definite mood about it, the soft light that you have employed creates this and it’s working well for the image. The Blacks are rich and the pearls shine.

    I think it would be nice to see some more of that pattern on the purse though, I like the falloff into black in the bottom right corner but I think it would work better if we were to see a few more of those contours and it graduated off across the purse.

  2. The composition is well executed, but i think the shot lacks light, maybe more light is directed to the purse or a reflector can be be placed on the right side which will give viewers a more detail shot of the purse. And also printing this the image will turn out darker!

  3. The composition is good but the light is uneven on the bag so it needs to be levelled out a little. The choice of background and styling is working

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