Philippe starck Juicer-Tim Kirsch


2 thoughts on “Philippe starck Juicer-Tim Kirsch

  1. Great choice of object, it has a real interesting shape.
    I like that you’ve used a side light, this adds great definition to the objects legs and it’s actual head. I’m also a fan of the direct shadow and it’s falloff on the ground.

    I think you could have done more with the lemons though, perhaps they could of been made to look more grand with a wider lens or perhaps that the light hitting it is too dead on and makes them look flat. i can’t quite put my finger on it at the moment but they sit a bit of looking great.

  2. I also really like this image, its very striking.
    The object has a lot of character – its kinda creepy, like a spider.
    And I think you lit it well to emphasise that, its seems thin but still dominates the image.

    *LIMES Brad.

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