Portrait Final- Tim Kirsch


4 thoughts on “Portrait Final- Tim Kirsch

  1. Very nice picture. It has an outdoor but ‘faked outdoors’ feel. The grey in the top right corner looks like a moon coming through the clouds and she’s sitting in the moonlight but still all in the studio. It’s like it’s straight from an old film where they’ve shot the ‘outside’ in the studio. Black and white looks great too, I don’t think it would work anywhere near as well in colour.

  2. Such an unusual outcome to seeing it done in the studio. How was the cloudy effect achieved? It would be interesting to see the difference of the outcome in colour? The lighting is well executed highlighting only a selection of the stars, and at different intensities, sensational outcome.

  3. I would have liked to see you keep the colour in the portrait as the B&W does not capture the mood you had by using the blue. Still the light works well

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