environmental portrait – josh mckie


5 thoughts on “environmental portrait – josh mckie

  1. Sorry lynette it did get deleted! I really didn’t mean to, I actually liked your constructive comment!

    Anyway I posted a couple more that I took on my blog, I still liked this pose the most out of them – the others just didn’t suit the tone enough I think.

    Let me know what you think!

  2. This shot is great… the colours are really nice and it tells some what of a story, This shot would have also worked well shot more front on to the subject, good stuff

  3. The lighting and positioning of your subject creates an interesting and somewhat moody photograph. i like the way the subject is in complete darkness and there is only a slither of light running down her arm and on her back. great photo.

  4. I prefer the lighting in the girl standing image but have her head more in frame. The guy smoking and the group shot are good for environmental portrait. Infact I think the group shot may even be better

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