6 thoughts on “lachey_harsh_lighting

    • Please write more than well done. What does that mean? Good lighting? Well done that you actually did it?, Good use of space etc. remember the li9st I gave you in first year and try to analyse the image. What works, doesnt work in the frame.

  1. The lighting and expression is good but do we need the gun. If so we cant really see it as it is so straight up and not quite coherent. We know it is a gun because we were there. If the lighting is good and you dont need the props then dont use them fir deliberate effect.

  2. Very dark image -psychologically speaking… The lighting works well with the models positioning, effective in the way the model is looking up -the gun is not well lit but it adds to the meaning behind the image -assuming the meaning of the image is suicidal, is that the topic of this image?

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