Week 03 – Studio Portraiture – Soft Lighting


3 thoughts on “Week 03 – Studio Portraiture – Soft Lighting

    • Please add more than love the green. What is working and not working here? Is the lighting suitable or not? if the only thing you like is the green does that mean the portrait isnt very good but the colour works? Try to analyse the image and technique a little more to be constructive

  1. sorry

    i really like the green…

    but i do like how close you are to the subject and Ella is very natural as a model in this. im glad you shot her on an angle so we can see her feet in the background. Having it dead straight would have been boring and any more side on would have made the shot less interesting

    did i mention i like the green

    and great use of light on her check and chin, and on the side of her legs

    i like

    …. the green

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